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My 27th Year in Review

My 27th Year in Review


To say that 2017 was one of the biggest years of my life would not be an understatement. The highlight, of course, was getting married to my very best friend, but there were so many moments in between that made it a year I will never forget. 



Spending time with friends and family - I didn't want to take for granted the momentum having a wedding gives you to see distant friends and family. Having my best friends come to LA for my bachelorette and being out together in my city was a dream come true. Taylor and I went to Boston to stay with family that I haven't seen since I was very little and it was so crazy how being there with them immediately felt like home. We stayed with friends in Memphis, New York, Chattanooga & Rosemary Beach and as corny as it sounds, made memories I truly will cherish for a lifetime. I also love looking back at all the time spent working with my parents on our wedding. We would have long-distance tea time/conference calls almost every afternoon & so when the day came it really felt like a team effort that we were all so happy and proud of. 


Travel - One thing that Taylor and I have bonded most over in the last few years is our love of travel. I've turned into a little bit of a travel hacker and continue to be an obsessive researcher so the two paired nicely for planning our trips this year. We went to NYC and since it was Taylor's first time we stayed at The Plaza where we ate room service and watched Eloise. Boston, where we laughed almost as much as we ate. Our Honeymoon took us to Positano, Capri, Rome, London & the English countryside and I can honestly say it was the best trip of our lives. Having new experiences and seeing the world is when I feel especially brave, aware and thankful. 


My Love Language - I've learned the way that I best show love and feel loved is through actions & service. On a friend's wedding day I will be the first one to reapply your lipgloss, carry your dress & take as many pictures as possible. It's through service that I find myself showing my love for the people in my life. In addition, this year when my friends threw me an incredible Cocktails & Croquet party, dressed in giant dresses for my bridesmaids luncheon while smiling the whole time, playing my favorite songs on repeat and showing up to every event no matter how busy they were. How Taylor took dance classes with me & made it the most fun weekly tradition, how he said "yes" to all my crazy wedding ideas and how he works harder than any person I've ever known - that is when I feel the most loved. 


Our Wedding - I will be sharing more about this very soon but to say it was a dream come true would be 100% accurate. It's hard to describe having all the people you love the most surrounding you. I can never truly express my gratitude to the family and friends who traveled to be with us, to my parents for their relentless support, time, creativity & love, or to my husband who made me feel like the most cherished & adored wife - to him I say, I will follow you everyday, forever. 


Year 28 has a lot to live up to but I have a feeling that it is going to ask the most of me of any year yet and... I'm more than ready. Thank you to everyone who celebrated me today, I love you. 

All Heart

All Heart