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K+T Wedding: Rehearsal Dinner

K+T Wedding: Rehearsal Dinner

One of the hardest decisions Taylor and I had to make after we got engaged was where would we have our wedding? After 7 years of living in Los Angeles, it really is our home but the distance for friends and family didn't feel right. We were so excited to decide on Holly Springs for our wedding location because it is where I have so many wonderful memories, and is home to the house I grew up in that my mother designed and built. I knew I wanted to have part of our weekend there and it just so happens to bare a lot of resemblance to one of our favorite places in LA, The Beverly Hills Hotel.

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Now, I didn't do a blog post of my bachelorette weekend because some things are best left off the internet. What I can tell you is that we spent it in the most amazing bungalow at The Beverly Hills Hotel and I wanted to bring a little of that weekend back with us to Mississippi. 


We served all of our favorite dishes from The Polo Lounge including- Tortilla Soup, McCarthy Salad and of course, the classic Polo Lounge Chocolate Soufflé. 


When deciding on my rehearsal dinner look I knew I wanted to do something completely opposite of how I would look on my wedding day. I went with a bronze smokey eye, peachy lips and a perfectly un-done low bun. I actually never wear my hair up for events so this really felt like a special occasion. The amazing, Lauren Poteet from Ella David Salon, did my hair while I closed my eyes and sipped green tea. Having soothing personalities around you during such a busy day made a huge difference to me.


When it came time for speeches I kept waiting to feel nervous but never did. There was nothing more special than hearing mine & Taylor's friends and family tell classic stories, inside jokes and echo all the wonderful memories we've made through the years. I don't think you know this until it's your turn but a wedding is when people stop just saying "I love you", they show it. 


The real highlight for me was when Taylor gave an unexpected speech about how excited he was for the next day. Watching the man your about to marry make such a public declaration in front of all your closet friends and family was more than something I could have wished for.


Having such a special night take place in the house I grew up in really brought the weekend full circle for me. I can't imagine any place could have been more perfect. 

One step closer.

All Heart

All Heart

K+T Wedding: Bridesmaids Luncheon

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