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Unexpected MUST before you say "I-Do": Wedding Wednesday

Unexpected MUST before you say "I-Do": Wedding Wednesday

The Dr. will see you now...

Doesn't exactly sound like the kind of phrase you want to hear anywhere near your wedding, but stay with me.

I recently made an appointment to see an allergist and the results have played a major role in some pretty big decisions in our wedding plans. 

Last year I had several horrible reactions during the worst possible times...my best friend's weddings! Finally, after another flare up during my own engagement party, I decided that before my wedding I wanted to see what was causing such horrible sickness and discomfort during all these important events!

One of Taylor's clients recommended the wonderful Dr. Maxine Baum in Beverly Hills. I was a little nervous as I know that they do prick you somewhere around 50 times but Dr. Baum completely put me at ease. I thought I would share this experience because the more I thought about it, in the scope of days...your wedding is a pretty big deal, and the last thing you want is to have an allergic reaction to your food, flowers or cosmetics! 

My Results

Good News! I'm not allergic to any delicious foods or my favorite lotions & potions!

Bad News... I am (as suspected) a 4+ out of 4 allergic to histamines. What this means is — basically, if it has a strong odor (like my friends beautiful wedding flowers) it will completely debilitate me. This also means that when I am out with a large group & there are smokers that makes me sick as well. I also am quite allergic to Elm trees to which I replied..."What a nightmare...on elm street"... no one laughed. 

What to Do?

As far as my wedding goes, I will have to be creative with the flower situation. We will work with our florist to use flowers that are unscented, which luckily is more in line with our vision anyway. 

Dr. Baum prescribed a nasal spray that I had luck with during my last reaction. She also said I could use an over the counter nasal spray along side the prescription and could just use them when needed. 

Allergy Tips

If you also suffer from allergies and can treat them with a nasal spray, make sure that you start using the spray at least 2-3 days before you come in contact with any allergens. It's not meant for instant relief so you need to build it up in your system to prevent being miserable.

If you have a major event coming up let your doctor know well before hand. Dr. Baum suggested that I come in and get a shot before my wedding day and that way I don't have an extra thing to worry about.

An allergy test isn't scary and doesn't hurt. I think it's great wellness information to have about yourself and I'm annoyed that I didn't do it sooner!


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