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K+T Wedding: Bridesmaids Luncheon

K+T Wedding: Bridesmaids Luncheon

As I sit here, about three months after the best day of my life, reflecting on not just that day but the whole week leading up to it, I can’t help wanting to laugh, cry and go back there already. 


I think the thing that will stick with me over the years is the time that people took out of their lives to be there for me. An opportunity to thank these women was something I had been looking forward to for a long time.


My Bridesmaid's Luncheon was what I would call “my sleeper event”. It was the one that I was secretly, extremely excited and nervous about. I got an idea in my head early on in our engagement and well… I kind of ran with it. 


Our wedding venue was an antebellum home I spent a lot of time in growing up, Montrose. I would give tours of the home and to this day can still tell you every single thing about the upstairs hall, but one thing to mention is when I would give these tours I would usually be dressed like this… (literally... this dress is from the 8th grade).


I love a little bit of mystery and drama (shocker, I know), so I left them guessing with the invitation reading "come in workout clothes" and when they all showed up I was nowhere to be found.

FullSizeRender-1 5.JPG

After everyone had arrived I floated down the stairs in my dress and gave them a little spill about Montrose and thanked them in advance for their willing spirit to join me in costume before tea. 


Listen, I don’t take myself too seriously and I happen to surround myself with the same kind of people but even then, I have to admit, I was nervous. Their response was everything I could have wanted… actually even better. I will tell you this about my people, they show up - they show out and they have fun. 


I wanted to give them something I knew they would use all the time and that would remind them of our fun day together so I had these gorgeous makeup carrying cases monogrammed with their initials. I loved how sophisticated but modern the neutral colors felt.  


The surprises continued when we were "attacked" by Union soldiers! They burst in the doors unannounced and read an actual letter that was written about southern women during the civil war- appropriately calling us all "wild women". We couldn't stop laughing but they never broke character! It was nice to get to suspend reality for a moment and forget that in a few hours we would be rehearsing for the biggest day of my life...but more on that in the next post.


It was a really fun and nostalgic day for me and the most perfect way to kick off our special weekend. Thank you, again, to the truest friends a girl could ask for. You make life fun!


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