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Our London Engagement

Our London Engagement

Novmember 15th, 2016 I'm tempted to say began just like any other day, but honestly it really didn't. I couldn't sleep...I didn't know if it was jet lag catching up with me or just eagerness to get out and explore London but at 5a.m. I could take it no longer, I had to get up. By 6a.m. I had dragged Taylor down to breakfast and was chatting away about what we were going to do that day. See, Taylor let me plan this entire trip...from the hotels, to the itinerary, everything had been left up to me. I had left this day open, waiting to see if Taylor had something in mind, but no... "I have nothing specific I want to do, you pick"...so pick I did. 

We hopped from one side of the city to the other sight seeing but then Taylor "wasn't feel well". We headed back to the Kensington Hotel where we were staying and rested for awhile, I was worried my unexplainable eagerness to start the day had taken it's toll. We went out to grab a quick late lunch and thats when I knew he must truly be unwell after seeing him only take a bite out of a whole piece of pizza, I needed to get him back to the room and into bed. 

 We decided to walk back to the hotel through Kensington Palace Gardens. I love the picture above because Taylor took it as I was turning back to him and saying "This is my favorite place in the whole world"...I had no idea that in just another minute those words would become the truest thing I've ever spoken. 

I was mindlessly filming the swans when out of the corner of my eye Taylor dropped to one knee.

When you date someone for 9 years you know things about them and they know things about you that no other person could truly understand. We have an unbreakable bond, an unspeakable love, and a true mending together of our souls. I felt that stitch between us tighten in that moment. 

My disbelief, my joy, my tears felt suspended in a time that was moving in slow motion but also racing by in a flash. Taylor never blinked. He told me what ever girl dreams of being told, he made promises I know he will deliver on again and again. He already knew the answer but he made it even sweeter to give it to him. 

Another surprise was having my favorite London Fashion Photographer Victoria Metaxas there to capture the whole thing! This may be the one secret that I don't think I'll ever understand how he pulled it off. 

I kept looking around thinking "don't forget this moment, don't forget any of this"- it was more then I could have dreamed but Taylor had a few more tricks up his sleeve!

Chiltern Firehouse has been on my bucket list ever since my first trip to London. I knew it was really hard to get into so had given up on us getting to go during this visit. Right after we got done taking pictures with Victoria, Taylor said "sorry we have to rush off, we have reservations at Chiltern Firehouse". Again... how he just makes things happen, I'll never know. 

We had an amazing dinner and the staff got a big kick out of our newly engaged status and treated us to many many glasses of champagne. They even got us a table in the hotel guest only bar and labeled us V.I.P. where I thought we would end the night... wrong again. 

Taylor thought the only way to end the night properly was with chocolate and MORE champagne! The incredible  Bob Bob Ricard of the famous "press for champagne" was another bucket list location Taylor decided to cross off for me. 

We sat there laughing while Taylor relived the last few months, weeks and hours leading up to the day. He told me how he not only asked my father but also my mother and two big brothers. He told me how another girl was wearing the same coat as me in the park and Victoria almost took the wrong couples pictures. He told me that flying across the world with a diamond is the scariest thing he has ever done and he told me how happy he was...which was well- everything.

So this is my little love note to the future us. May we never forget how we went on the adventure of a life time and came home more whole then when we left. I love you Taylor Stephens...for you, the answer will always be Yes. 

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