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Surratt Beauty: Prismatique Eyes

Surratt Beauty: Prismatique Eyes

A few weeks ago I was browsing the new beauty launches and there and behold was this little beauty. 

I made it my mission to hunt this product down and had to go through 3 Sephora employees, one of whom dug through their just arrived packages in the back, to find this for me.I know,what a God send.

After playing around with all the colors I settled on Neutral Eyesthere are 8 shades in the range. It has a creamy, dark brown base and a gorgeous peachy pink shadow inlaid with gold flecks tucked under it.

The packaging is totally unique with a twist off lid for the cream pot and swivel out shadow. The concept is very similar to Tom Ford’s Cream & Powder Eye Color.


I was immediately skeptical of the cream base, imagining it creasing the second I put it on, but the combination of the two was too beautiful to pass up.

I am so happy to say that while the base is creamy and movable when first applied it settles down into that perfect texture that doesn’t get so dry that it starts to crack off while also not creasing. The peachy gold shadow glides on like a dream and the two of them together make the most unique, lust worthy shade. 

I call this sophisticated glitter, my friends. Welcome to the family!

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